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Hot Topics are preconfigured TRID searches that capture the latest publications and projects added to the Database. The URL can be copied and pasted to an email, document, or website. The URL will run a TRID search when clicked.

The Topics reflect issues identified by TRB's "Critical Issues in Transportation" series and other trends in transportation research. They can be a great way to identify the best terms from the Transportation Research Thesaurus (TRT) for the most precise searches on a given topic.

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Title Description
Aircraft Bird Strikes
Aviation publications having the terms Bird strikes or Bird pests.
Airport Security
Airports, Baggage screening, Biometrics, Explosives, Security, and Surveillance.
Asset Management
Management, operation, maintenance, and upgrading of transportation infrastructure, equipment, materials, and human resources.
Aviation and Volcanic Ash
The impacts of volcanic ash on aviation.
Climate Change
Climate change, Global warming, or Greenhouse gases.
Distracted Driving
The effects of secondary tasks while driving.
Drone Aircraft and Civilian Airspace
The intersection of drone aircraft and air traffic control.
The effects of hurricanes on transportation.
COVID-19, communicable diseases, epidemiology, and public health.
Public Health
Community-wide well-being as it relates to transportation.
The capacity of the transportation system to withstand or recover quickly from natural and other disasters.
Rural Transportation
Transportation in rural and agricultural areas.
School Transportation Safety
Safety of transportation to and from schools.
Sustainable Communities
Sustainable and sustainable communities or liveable communities.
Sustainable Growth
"Smart growth" or "Sustainable development."
Technological Innovations
The technological innovations in transportation.
Transformational Technology
State of the art technology in transportation.
Unintended Acceleration
Electronic vehicle controls and unintended acceleration.
Vehicle Sharing
Bikesharing or carsharing.
Labor force in transportation.