Kemisk halkbekämpning av lågtrafikerade vägytor

Anti-icing and de-icing of low volume traffic areas

On motorways and 2 +1 roads with relatively low traffic volume, less than 10,000 AADT, there are difficulties to keep K2-lane (left lane) free from snow and ice during the winter season. McHenry County, north of Chicago, has successfully tried a new combination of de-icing of similar surfaces. The mixture, called SuperMix, consisting of NaCl, organic freezing point depressant material (sugar or molasses) and a minor portion CaCl2. By providing an evaluation and demonstration project in the operations area Southern Roslagen in Stockholm, the answer will be given if this method is also viable in Sweden. If the project is successful, this should result in increased mobility, fewer collisions on median barriers, lower environmental impact due to reduced salt amounts in combination with increased duration of measures.