AUTOSAR för multipla kärnor i fordons- och automationsindustrier

AUTOSAR for multi-core in automotive and automation industries

The target is to investigate cost-efficient use of multi-core technologies in current and future products in automotive and automation industries. The project will investigate how predictable performance can be obtained in multi-core architectures in an AUTOSAR context. The project is a co-operation between companies in different industrial segments with common technical challenges, and academia, thereby having an excellent setup for providing better solutions. The project results will provide knowledge of the state-of-the-art in multi-core technologies in general and in the automotive and industrial automation domains in particular. The companies will use the knowledge acquired through this project during development of future automotive and industrial automation products. The results of this project will be used by the academic partner to set up follow up research projects. The project addresses a set of challenges: * Hardware consolidation: identify and develop techniques related to software architecture to allow for hardware consolidation. * Predictability: develop techniques to achieve timing predictability of software executing on multi-core platforms. * Performance: develop resource efficient techniques for the execution of AUTOSAR software on multi-cores. The planned demonstrator is a further development of the distributed braking application with ABS.