Vidareuteckling av projektet Ihålig axelbalk för att reducera vikten

Further development of the project Hollow axle beam to reduce the weight

Further development of project that has applied for fonder earlier- 2009-001783- Hollow axle beam to reduce the weight.The assumption is to reduce the weight on an axle-beam with 20% which corresponds to approximately 20kg. The result from the first part of the project indicates, with good result, that the combination of forged part and a ‘junction technique’. This is validated by a rig-test. Further development of the project is to conduct a research for using this unique method for safety related parts. A full scale rigtest will be conducted, to delevop if this techinque is valid for safety related parts. The whole project is planned to be concluded in the 4th quarter of 2011. The foundation, to makes this project possible to carry out is a Volvo patent. The project will also be in contact with an institute in Ukraine, the reason being that they have specialists in the type of ‘junction technique’ that will be used, a technique that is the basis of this project.