Numerisk studie av avancerad strömningsstyrning för minskat luftmotstånd hos framtida tunga fordon

Computational modelling of advanced flow control for drag reduction on heavy vehicles of the future

Active flow control for application on the front of a heavy road vehicle will be studied numerically. The usage of actuators on a truck’s cabin and chassi can yield a reduction in drag of up to 15%. The objectives of the project are to yield understanding of the underlying physics and available tools and models for accurate numerical simulations. The project will cover a chain of flow cases from generic test cases to a truck in scale model. The proposed project will be part of a larger project, in which another PhD student will perform experimental studies. Fundings for the experimental work has been applied for within the program Energieffektiva Vägfordon of the Swedish Energy Agency. Both the numerical and experimental work will be carried out in close collaboration with R&D activities at Scania and the Vinn Excellence Centre for ECO2 Vehicle Design.