Design av komponenter och system för kostnadseffektiv elektriskt framdrivning av el- och elhybridfordon

Design of components and systems for cost effective electric transmission system for EV/HEV

The purpose of the suggested project is to continue with a strong cooperation between industry and academia where a knowledge base will be strengthened within the academia for long-term support to industry. Moreover, the result should have a high potential of being realized into products within 20 years. The tasks should together give a full picture of the electrical high voltage system in a hybrid electric or pure electric vehicle, considering efficiency, packaging, cost and environmental issues. One goal is to examine the potential, both regarding cost and performance, of a high voltage electric system based on a modularized battery system and its power electronic converters. A second goal is to examine the resulting consequences on the design of the power electronic converter and the high voltage electrical machines. A third goal is to examine and establish the conditions for a dc/dc converter placed directly on the battery, regarding system efficiency and cost. The fourth goal is to examine and establish the potential of using MOSFET transistors in parallel with IGBT transistors in a traditional converter. The project has 2 Ph.D students, 3 senior researchers and 1 technician involved. It is a continuation project building on two previous projects.