Utveckling av vägbanereflektorer

Raised pavement markers (RPM’s)

Raised pavement markers (RPM’s) are a type of road marking which contributes to increased visual guidance during difficult visibility conditions such as rain, fog and darkness. They may consist of only a reflector (passive RPM), or consist of a reflector and a built-in light source (active RPM). The use of RPM’s is well spread internationally, but they are currently not used in Sweden. One reason for this is the perception that they can not resist snow ploughing. The purpose of this study is to evaluate whether RPM’s can withstand the damage from vehicles and the Swedish method of snow ploughing and deicing. The questions are: How will the retroreflection be affected, what kind of damage will occur on RPM holder and reflector lens, what design performs the best? The aim of this study is to serve as a basis for decision making whether to use RPM’s in Sweden or not, and if so, what requirements that should be stated regarding RPM’s in SRA regulations.