Utveckling av riktlinjer för bedömning av tung trafiks skadeverkan på vägöverbyggnad

Development of new guidelines for heavy traffic influence and deterioration of a pavement

A key to a correct approach to pavement design lies in the loads that are applied in the design phase. The ESAL is an old and rather blunt tool to represent the loads. A new approach is to implement loads spectras to represent the traffic loads. It is easier to represent more details in load spectras and they can easily be made to include various datails such as tires, speedvariations etc. There is some data to be found in the Bridge Weigh in Motion data set that SRA has generated since 2004. The results of this project will include: recommended load spectras for Sweden. An embryo to a new deteriorqation criteria. It will greatly improve our ability to calaculate performance and life span on various pavements.