MotorER och aerodynamik för framtida EFFektiva flygplan (MEREFF)

Engines and aerodynamics for future efficient aircraft

Goals/targets:The project aims at strengthening the competence in the field of aircraft engines with extreme propulsive efficiencies, such as open rotor engines and geared turbofan engines. The project will also contribute to understanding of the interaction between the aircraft and engine. Result and effects: The result will mainly be in the form of estimations on environmental impact of aircraft with respect to noise and emissions as well as fuel burn. Earlier projects within this field have shown that results of a patentable nature may be generated. Planning and implementing: The engines will be analyzed primarily regarding environmental impact and energy consumption using software that has previously been developed within NFFP programs as well as European research projects. This software will be applied to evaluate the new configurations together with refines sub system models to be developed within this project. The work will be done in close collaboration between Volvo Aero and Chalmers by an industrial PhD student.