Informationsfusion för beslutsstöd och människa-systeminteraktion i framtida plattformar

Information fusion for decision support and human system interaction in future platforms

Goals/targets: The project will study how information fusion (e.g. synergetic integration of available data and information) can be used to offer advanced decision support for tactical air unit cooperation in future aircraft platforms with focus on: Human System Interaction Tactical support with situation analysis. Result and effects The project will support two Ph. D. students for graduation in deep knowledge in the two areas noted above. General results of the project will be: Development of algorithms and methods for advanced decision support and human system interaction. Knowledge dissemination, for instance by Ph. D. students. Evaluations in close cooperation with pilots and other domain expertise. The project aims to be relevant for and provide options for product use of research results. Planning and implementing: The consortium possesses the ability of evaluate concepts for information fusion regarding decision support and human system interaction, and to make them concrete. Domain knowledge from pilots will be used to a detailed definition of research questions, to ensure relevance. For the areas studied, various algorithms/solutions and concepts for human system interaction will be developed and evaluated. Research results will be evaluated though simulations together with end users.