Inverkan av olika element på egenskaperna hos titanlegeringar, gjutgods, svetsar och metalldeponer

The effect of different elements on the properties of titanium alloys castings, welds and metal de

Goals/targets: One major purpose of this project is to increase the knowledge for how small elements (H, O, N, B, Si) affect the properties for cast Ti-6Al-4V. The project deals with investigating the effect that small additions of boron has on the properties of cast Ti64, and also the possibilities of adding boron to metal deposited (MD) Ti64. In parallel projects by Volvo Aero the mechanical properties of cast-, welded- and metal deposited Ti64/Ti6242 are evaluated. The characterization of the different microstructures in the tested specimens and their relationship to the measured properties is planned to be performed as part of the research work by a second PhD student in this project. Another part of this project, managed by a PhD student, will focus on how hydrogen affects the properties of cast Ti64. Result and effects: In collaboration with the Research school of Space Technology this project will lead to the graduation of two PhD students within the field of materials science and technology with focus on different aspects of titanium alloys. The competence both at the company as well as in the academy will be altered regarding how different elements affect the properties for different processed titanium alloys, such as castings, welds and metal deposited material. In addition, this project will lead to interdisciplinary collaboration between the Divisions of Materials Technology and Material Mechanics. Planning and implementing Working meetings will be held frequently between directly involved people, and project meetings will be held on a quarterly basis for summarizing and discussing of recent results and progress in relation to the time schedule. At the project start and every half year the board will be invited to participate at the project meetings in conjunction with the half year reporting. Final reports from each part will be sent together with the final report from Volvo Aero to Vinnova.