Botniabanan - nya spår mot framtidens personresande?

The Botnia Line - New tracks towards the person transports of the future?

Goals/targets: The overall aim of the research project is to study the effects of an infrastructure investment within the rail road - The Botnia line - on regional travelling patterns and regional development. The goal is gain an increased awareness on both possibilities and barriers behind an increase use of public transportation. Result and effects: In the project we will study the expectations, demands, attitudes, and intentions/behaviors inhabitants of the municipalities in the affected areas have in relation to the Botnia line. In order to take a ´whole-trip- perspective´ , the needs and demands on sustainable transports connected to the railroad stations in the different municipalities will be included. By cooperating with stakeholders in this region, the results from the project can be implemented in the work and planning processes of the municipalities. Planning and implementing: The study will be conducted as a survey, before and after the traffic start on the Botnia Line in Umeå and its surrounding municipalities, Örnsköldsvik, Kramfors, Härnösand, Timrå and Sundsvall, and as a interview study conducted during the first six months of traffic in the regions of Örnsköldsvik and Umeå. The survey will be a combined panel and cross sectional study. This gives us the opportunity to assess change over time in the panel and attitudes in a new sample compared to the panel.