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Connecticut Electronic Tolling and Congestion Pricing Study. Volume 1: Summary of Findings
Cover of Connecticut Electronic Tolling and Congestion Pricing Study. Volume 1: Summary of Findings

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The goal of this study was to prepare a document that lays out as many options as possible with respect to electronic tolling and congestion pricing, sets the context for informed decision-making, and provides a knowledge base with respect to tolls and congestion pricing in Connecticut. In doing so, the authors cast a wide net for potential electronic tolling and congestion pricing applications in Connecticut, from tolling single lanes to pricing all roads. In evaluating these potential applications, they considered the effects on the transportation system, anticipated toll revenues, implementation costs, financial viability, and a variety of other factors: environmental, economic, equity, safety, and implementation considerations. The final documentation for the Connecticut Electronic Tolling and Congestion Pricing Study has three components: Volume 1: Summary of Findings, which presents key material on tolling and congestion pricing and summarizes the findings of the analysis of electronic tolling and congestion pricing options in Connecticut; Volume 2: Background Report, which provides details relating to implementation considerations of electronic tolling and road pricing in general on a variety of topics, as well as detailed technical analysis of options in Connecticut; and Volume 3: Technical Appendices, which provides further detail on methodology and results. This is Volume 1: Summary of Findings.



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Cambridge Systematics, Incorporated

100 Cambridge Park Drive, Suite 400
Cambridge, MA 02140 USA

Connecticut Office of Policy and Management

Transportation Strategy Board, 450 Capitol Avenue
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Draft Final Report

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Highways; Operations and Traffic Management; Planning and Forecasting; I72: Traffic and Transport Planning; I73: Traffic Control



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May 14 2009 2:39PM