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Strategic transport models in the Finnish Transport Agency
Cover of Strategic transport models in the Finnish Transport Agency

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Liikenteen strategiset mallit Liikennevirastossa. Esiselvitys

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Transport models can be divided into two main categories according to their nature and applicability: strategic and operational models. This report concludes the findings of a study to plan the realisation of strategic models in the Finnish Transport Agency's research and development programme area "Travel and transport chains to satisfy customer needs". The goal of the study is a situation where the strategic models are a natural and useful part of the standard operation of the Finnish Transport Agency. The starting point for planning the use of the models are the operations, R&D practises and other research areas in the Finnish Transport Agency. The planning is also based on the analyses of the current utilisation of transport models, data sources and international experiences. The development plan for strategic models begins by analysing the policy needs and grouping them into general concepts that can be facilitated with multi-use components utilizing modelling outputs and results. A usual way of using modelling results is to produce printed reports and overhead presentations in an electronic form. In this study, a new approach is suggested where an Internet-based service will be built to enable larger user base to search a database of modelling results (e.g. traffic forecasts) and to produce tables and graphs for more specific needs. According to the selected approach the programming is divided into useful basic methodologies that can be realised relatively quickly. The tools will be simple and practical instead of aiming directly for best statistical accuracy or comprehensive and extensive solutions needing large databases that would need to be gathered anew. Through time more accuracy will be gained by first obtaining first-hand experiences of the usefulness of various tools in real-world policymaking. The plan consists of three passenger travel applications, two freight applications and two general projects that can be completed in three years. The goals of the projects are as follows: a) To update the transport supply information of the existing out-dated databases. b) To gather the existing knowledge of the needs of the passenger travel. c) To take into account the spatial dimension of the transport demand. d) To produce a practical method to assess future policy measures. e) To first get a clear picture of the current situation in the freight transport. f) To enable the day-to-day use of the modelling results. g)To ensure the operability of the whole system and to plan for the future needs. This report has general descriptions of the projects, their schedule and resource needs. This report may be found at







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Liikenneviraston Tutkimuksia ja SelvityksiƤ, Research Reports of the Finnish Transport Agency

Issue Number: 37/2011
Publisher: Finnish Transport Agency
ISSN: 1798-6656
EISSN: 1798-6664



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Operations and Traffic Management; I72: Traffic and Transport Planning

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Finnish Transport Agency

P.O. Box 33
Helsinki FI-00521 Finland

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ITRD E219095



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