MDOT Fleet Electrification Strategies

Reliance on petroleum-based fueled fleet creates financial risk of dependency on a sole product, reliance on a limited natural resource, and contributes to a major source of air pollution. Michigan Department of Transportation's (MDOT’s) goal is to enter the electrification or alternate fueled vehicle (AFV) market with educated decision making, by establishing a set of criteria that can be used to make future decisions on equipment procurement. As alternate fueled fleet and electrified equipment options continue to enter the commercial fleet industry, MDOT does not have dedicated resources to keep up to date with the evolving market, to research or investigate the viability of alternate fueled vehicles (AFV), or the expertise to perform cost/benefit/impact studies to make informed decisions. Knowledge gained through this research effort would be of interest and valued on both a national and regional basis for state DOTs, FHWA, and local units of government as well. Research results will be shared with both public/private transportation organizations via technology transfer opportunities.